Customer Relation Management

Discover how Gotlix can help attract, engage, retain and delight customers.

Easily managing all aspects of the relationship. That covers the entire customer lifecycle: from first contact, ongoing inquiries, lead nurturing, conversion, contacts, activities anytime and anywhere! and long-term interaction. This is where Gotlix CRM comes in.

Lead Management

More productivity with Convert leads to clients

Drive more sales with our effective lead management system, Get all your leads in one place to keep your pipeline uncluttered and focused on deals. Follow up and qualify new leads from one place to prioritize your biggest catch.

Client Management

Stay Connected to Clients With Better Client Management

When leads are willing to buy your products or services, turn them into clients with just a click. While converting, you can also create immediate follow-up tasks. and add more client data to making certain that employee on sales teams have all the necessary information about every customer.

Contracts Management

Best solution for all your contract challenges.

Contracts enables you to reduce contract cycle times, mitigate business risks, and improve contract governance. It’s a complete contract solution that eliminates the need for old traditional method.

Appointments Management

Conducting business meetings with your clients easily

Set up meetings and consultations with clients and preparing appointments for calls, meetings and consultations. Set up meetings that fit your needs by adding date, time, people, and location. with reduce no-shows by reminding customers.