Stock Management

Inventory management enables you to add, control, modify, manage and categorize your product lists according to their category, subcategory, brand and type, and allow you to view product status and availability. It also allows you to have other advanced features such as price lists that enable you to apply certain prices at certain times or to specific people. Supports multiple branches and stores and can be linked to multiple points of sale accurately and easily. It also provides you with accurate information about each product at your organization, availability, demand volume and turnover rates to make the right decision at the right time


The products come in three main types: standard product, variant product, and composite product. Each of them has a specific use, and provides you with the possibilities to enter all product details including the sale price, purchase price, supplier, profit margin, taxes, product barcode, quantities in the store and product image with the possibility of being available for sale at your online store or in-store or both.

Products come in three main types

Standard Products

Standard product has one SKU or barcode with its own inventory, It is a product that is sold separately and does not have different types such as the variant product.

Variant Products

These products have different attributes such as size or color, each variable has a unique barcode and a level of inventory and may have a different price or the same price. For example, a shirt that may have different colors and sizes.

Composite Products

The composite product contains one or more standard products but adjusts inventory levels for each standard product, forming a new product at a different price. Can be used for marketing and promotion.